World Freedom Day in Taiwan 23 January 2019

World Freedom Day 2019 in Taiwan January 23 is praised as World Opportunity Day in Taiwan. This commemoration day denotes the arrival of Taiwanese POWs after the finish of the Korean War. The festival is composed by the World Alliance for Opportunity and Popular government.

On January 23, 1954, more than 14,000 Socialist Chinese detainees of the Korean War arrived in the Port of Keelung, Taiwan. They became baffled with Socialist standards and chose to look for opportunity in Taiwan as opposed to coming back to territory China.

World Freedom Day in Taiwan 23 January 2019

World Freedom Day in Taiwan 23 January 2019

That equivalent year agents of Taiwan, the Philippines and South Korea established the Asian Individuals’ Enemy of Socialist Group (APACL). In 1990, the association was renamed the World Group for Opportunity and Popular government (WLFD). The WLFD is a global NGO committed to advancing the estimations of majority rules system and opportunity.

The Taiwanese part of the APACL set up World Opportunity Day (initially 123 Opportunity Day) to stamp the commemoration of the arrival of detainees of war and commend opportunity and majority rule government.

The primary World Opportunity Day occasion is held in Taipei, Taiwan. It is visited by WLFD delegates from everywhere throughout the world. The festival generally incorporates a complimentary message conveyed by the leader of the Republic of China and social exhibitions.

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