Tak Pernah Jejak Kaki ke Indonesia Lepas Baca Nie Mesti Rasa Nak Terbang Hari Nie Jugak

If it is called Indonesia, the first city that will go to our minds is of course Jakarta. But the country with 1,700 islands and its magnitude multiplied to Malaysia has too many interesting, charming and unique tourist destinations besides Jakarta.

Tak Pernah Jejak Kaki ke Indonesia

In conjunction with the coming school holidays, this time Abang Nara wants to share some of Indonesia’s holiday sites that you can explore with your beloved family later. Do not forget that AirAsia is currently flying promotions to Indonesia for as low as RM49 special for AirAsia members and RM54 for non-members. After reading it can continue to book a plane ticket !!!


Bandung should be one of the places in the list MUST be visited if you plan to fly to IndonesiaIt’s a great place to be a honeymoon for newlyweds because of its stunning scenery, lots of interesting locations to record sweet moments with their spouses and their position on the slopes mountains, creating cool and comfortable air.

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