Abhinandan Arrival Back India through Wagah Border Video

The Indian Wing Commander Nandan was given good news, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the release of the Indian pilot today 1st March 2019.

According to details, Indian Pilot Wing Commander, Nandan, who was arrested by Pakistan, will be handed over to the Indian High Commission today, the pilot of the Indian warplane will be sent back to the country on the way through Wahaha border.

Abhinandan Arrival Back India

nandan arrival back to india

Indian High Commission to complete the documents of Biblical Pilot; Indian high commission Kairaishi group will take Captain Wing Commander Nandi

The Prime Minister said that the main reason for stress is occupied Kashmir, in the past four years, India has stirred up Kashmir, occupied Kashmir, and it has become stronger in occupied Kashmir, no Kashmir leader wants to stay in India with occupied Kashmir. Kashmir is not ready to hear anything other than freedom.

He said Pakistan wants peace, wants to develop the region and end poverty, this type of tension does not give Pakistan any harm or defeats India.

Abhinandan Live Video Back to India

On the announcement of release of the Indian Pilot, Prime Minister Imran Khan received a reputation from the world and now declared Nandan’s release announcement as a great move.

DG ISPR told that Indian planes target Pakistani boundaries, an aircraft dropped in the boundaries of Azad Kashmir, occupied Kashmir.

The arrested pilot said in a statement that he would reduce wing commander Nasser and his cousin is zero nineteen while praising Pakistan’s best practices.

Now Nainan said that Pak Army’s attitude is professional and impressive. Our army should take such a attitude.

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